Houseboat plan step-step guide-plus 10 houseboat plans designs

However, building a houseboat isn’t an easy task—building the boat first of all and constructing a home on top of it just from scratch is laborious and needs patience and proper planning.

Although you may find it smooth building a houseboat, you will need a good deal of time. Therefore, it isn’t something you will wake up, start and expect to complete within 5 hours—it will take you extra miles.

Here are some houseboat plan designs to choose from Click Here

You need to prepare and dedicate yourself to a long building project, especially the large vessels, this tends to take more than months. But if you feel like not waiting for this long, you can get into the market and buy a designed houseboat of your choice. However, your pocket will determine whether to buy as it is always expensive.

If this does work for you, you can start building your houseboat slowly by slowly.

This article will provide you with a houseboat plan step-by-step guide to start building your houseboat today.

What are your needs, want, and purpose need it for

Having a houseboat comes with much to do with your needs and wants getting fulfilled. You need to understand yourself first, and this is the best shot you can make to start planning to build. For example, your needs could be; Sleeping quarters, Fridge & Stove, How many people, VHF Marine radio, Toilet & Shower, Safety equipment, or a Hot & Cold water houseboat.

Your wants for a houseboat could be single or twin, window fly screens, flybridge on the roof, toilet or porta potti, heating & cooling, carry a dinghy-davits, or front bow thruster.

Purposely, you may require it for fishing, beaching, cruising & traveling, large family reunions, want to Oliveboard, or weekends & holidays.

Structure or Acquire houseboat design or style

Floating homes come in different styles in terms of shape, ability to cruise over water, or depending on the purpose designed for. Therefore after you know your desire, it is time to come up with a particular setting or design of the vessel to meet such purposes.
It can be challenging to come up with a design especially if you don’t know the exact measurements.

There are common styles and designs found around the world that you can make a selection of.

Such style selections include;

Trailerable houseboat- it offers much on functionality and transportability

Planing Houseboat-based to be transported via plane

Full Hull houseboat- this style provides great width and stable platform to float on water

Floating Home Houseboat style-this design is lit, best for floating cottages, and fishing camps, and particularly simple in terms of the cost factor.

Luxury Houseboat-this style fits for a luxury basis. It is a design that will include comfort, enough space, and a good size.

Catamaran Houseboat design-this style includes the installation of a dual diesel engine and offers much stability.

The Displacement Houseboat design-this style is a good choice especially for long-distance traveling or on rough water.

Barge style Houseboat-this style comes with plenty of space for storing personal items

Pontoon houseboats- this style includes tri-pontoon design and twin pontoons.


With a few houseboat building styles to mention, the most convenient idea is considering gasoline vessels, whether single or dual. It doesn’t mean diesel is not good, it will depend on which part of the world you are in.

Here is a list of 10 types of houseboats you can review and see their structure, styles, and measurements.

1.Bayou Belle-25-foot, 8-inch scow that can be built as a houseboat

2.Budget Houseboat-Like a camper that goes on the water

3.Stardust cruisers houseboat

4.Gibson cabin Yacht 5000

5.Float a Home-Luxurious 21-footer that is very stable

6.The Stein is way-21feet wide and 108 feet long with 4 bedrooms

7.A riverfront redux-it is the length of a home, has a balcony in a two-story houseboat

8.Lalal houseboat-36 feet by 14 feet

9.Parti-O Boat-About 20-Feet long and easy to build

10.Platform Boat-You can build any type of floating fun on top of what material they need to build, and how much 

it will be the average cost to build a houseboat.

now the cost

After you have chosen a houseboat building design, the next step is knowing how much will cost you. As mentioned earlier, building a floating home, especially from scratch is quite expensive. For example, it will cost you between $10,000 to $30,000 to construct a single-story houseboat.

Different styles come with different requirements. The cost will differ in terms of materials needed for the houseboat. Secondly, a time investment.

Once you begin building the project, you may have to stop other activities for daily living but this shouldn’t keep you worried as you can do it in your free time.

Thirdly, the size of the houseboat you are intending to start building will determine how much you may spend. Large houseboats need more material and time and this adds to the cost.

assemble all requirements

Of course, you need the necessary materials around the working place. You can go to dialers with a requirement list and buy what you need to begin the project. If you fear living something out, always feel free to consult an expert. Ask them to list all that you need to come up with a particular houseboat design.

Choose where to set and start your project

It won’t take you much time to decide where you want to set the working place, choose the most convenient palace depending on the kind of houseboat you are building.

You can still hire someone like boat builders to help you come up with a complete vessel.


As you think of starting a project to build your very own houseboat, understand you may use it over heavy or rough water(s). Building such vessels requires seriousness, not designing something that may endanger your lives.

In whichever design you may choose, take into consideration the purpose of using the needed material or a supplement. Again, don’t use the houseboat for the wrong purpose or what not made for.

Although not least, remember to equip your houseboat with relevant safety gears before you start cruising or any activity out there on the water.

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